mad about dogs: August 2011

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Recca - a Mini Pinscher

 Moochy & Recca

Last year, we adopted a Mini Pinscher pup [Zwergpinscher] from my sister/brother. They have bred successfully a couple of mini pins already. Lucky enough, I've got a share of this wonderful friend, I named her Recca. Born March 22, 2010. I think she's a third from brood of four [2 homme, 2 femme]. We got her name from my deceased maternal grandpa "Ricardo", Recca, the animated version. They share the same birthdate, that's the best factor I could connect between my granny and puppy Recca.

And 3 years ago, Moochy, our smooth-coated Dachshund was given by a friend. We were supposed to name her Witherspoon, kinda lurve that name. Heck, it's obviously too long for a doggalicious name, maybe next time. It is said dog's name should be at least 2-syllable, it's how they connect with humans. The way we speak to them must be in a certain way, if you're thinking of training your dog specifically. Anyway, Moochy & Recca share the same color of black with tan. Interesting to note is that the original Miniature Pinscher actually had more variance as being a cross between a smooth coated Dachshund and a Miniature Greyhound (known today as the Italian Greyhound, led to some carrying the Dachshund legs while others carried the Italian Greyhound leg creating some short and some tall. After many years of German breeding an average was maintained. Though today's standard is smaller than the original.

It's been a year since this photo shoot, more updates soon. Share your passion with your dogs, we could feature them here. 

Barf! barf!